Visualize Your Ideal Life

What would it take to love your life so much that when you wake up in the morning you feel genuine happiness and wonder about what lies ahead, instead of ho hum or even dread about the day? There are people you can’t wait to speak with. The work you do is productive and provides you with purpose. And you have activities to attend to that fill your spirit with joy. Imagine that!

How does one go from a life of difficulty to a life of possibility and love? It’s actually quite simple: take it one step at a time. Start or change one thing and then do another and another. Before you know it, you’re living your ideal life and the mornings are better than ever.

A great magickal tool that can assist you with this process is a vision board. Prior to making any significant life change, or beginning any ambitious journey, isn’t it generally a good idea to have a guide or a map? That is what this is. Vision boards instigate change by subtly communicating our wishes to our subconscious minds. Once created and placed someplace you will regularly see it, it provides a constant reminder to you (and The Universe) of where you need to go next in your life.

The process involves taking a blank page – whether paper, canvas, or digital media is used, it does not matter. You can then cut pictures out of magazines, draw them, or drag them onto a computer document to produce a collage of images and words that speak to your soul.

Don’t waste another minute daydreaming about the what ifs, when you can begin manifesting your greatest desires today!

(Emerald Muse offers a vision board workshop. If you are interested in being included in the next one, please let us know.)