Time to Shine

Shine your Light, as only you can.  You are not here by some random act; none of us are. We are all part of the Divine plan with our own unique gifts and talents to share. Only you can be you… and you owe it to yourself and the world to be the best you possible.

In the present moment, this could mean working hard at school to develop those skills which will land you your dream job; or being the ultimate caregiver to someone who really needs you; or dazzling the world with your incredible dancing, cooking, creative thinking, or (fill in the blank). Honouring your soul by pursuing something you love benefits everyone.

By extension, doing what you really want will lead you to becoming who you truly are. Before I began Emerald Muse, I spent years working in retail marketing. It was uninspiring and thankless work, for the most part, and by the end, I could feel my spirit shrinking with every long commute to the office. I knew at that point that I needed to do something more authentic to me… and I’ve found it!

For years, I allowed my fears to get in the way of pursuing what I really wanted. Whether it was about being afraid of potential failure, or being harshly judged, or simply being daunted by the obstacles in front of me, there was always an excuse… until my soul would no longer accept the status quo as a permanent reality. So now, instead of looking ahead with fear, more often than not I imagine what would happen if everything worked out. I imagine the best that could happen, rather than the worst, and I am much happier for it!

If you are not yet doing things which truly feed your soul, my hope is that you will find the will or the courage to do so soon! Blessings all.