Our Mission


Felicitas – Co-owner, Director of Inspiration

Emerald Muse is Felicitas’ ever evolving dream. Passionate about communication, spirituality, and personal transformation, it is her desire to bring together like-minded people from various schools of thought and experience, to share and learn and grow. This community includes every customer who walks through our doors or clicks on this page. We are all in this together!

She is also a Hermetic adept, spiritual guide, writer and teacher of magick and soul alchemy. Her purpose in doing this work is to assist people in transforming the areas of their lives which are not in full alignment with their souls.

Steven – Co-owner, Business Manager

Steven has been a student of practical magick for more than three decades. He is a wealth of knowledge and information, which he happily shares with those who are interested in learning. Not only is he a gifted teacher and magickian, but his ability to turn order out of chaos at Emerald Muse is nothing short of miraculous!

Emerald Muse was inspired by the Hermetic tenet: As above, so below. Before we can realize anything tangible on this Earth plane or within ourselves, we must first conceive it as an idea and then fully embrace it into being. Along with this concept is our view that we have a responsibility to consciously manifest only those things which are for the higher good. Thus, it is our intention to provide only services and products with the utmost integrity and for the purposes of enhancing our customers’ lives.