Energy Healing*
(Available in person & in store only.)

Qabalistic Healing with Felicitas – Investment: $100 for an hour – Available by appointment only.

This is a Western-based practice focused upon the 10 healing centers within our bodies which naturally correspond to the Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Divine energy is channeled through the practitioner to the recipient and works to clear and release any energetic blockages that may be causing discomfort.  Once complete, the energy flows freely and results in a state of peaceful calm, rejuvenating both mind and body.

Reiki Healing with Felicitas – Investment: $100 for an hour  – Available by appointment only.

Reiki is the art of healing using our body’s own energy. It is a practice based on the philosophy that there are seven healing centres or chakras in the body. When these centres become blocked, energy is restricted in our body and we start to feel unwell. Reiki is used to clear out the blockages so the energy is released within the body. When the energy can flow freely, it allows us to reach a state of peaceful calm, rejuvenating our minds and our bodies.

Brennan Healing with Lorna – Investment: $100 for an hour – Available by appointment only.

Brennan Healing Sciences® is a highly effective mind-body-spirit modality that supports healing and balancing on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It is a full spectrum healing technique which works on the seven layers of the human energy field or aura. Relationship issues, physical ailments, general life stress, and much more can be addressed through this therapy. We are blessed to be able to offer this incredible service, as Lorna is one of only a very small number of practitioners qualified (accredited) to do this specialized healing work in Ontario.

Quantum Energy Healing with Nancy – Investment: $110 for an hour – Available by appointment only.

When working with the Quantum Field, the highest frequency of energy is intuitively directed to the areas of your body where it is needed most – and there are infinite possibilities on what can happen! Each session is a beautiful, expanding experience that is filled with LOVE.

Most people require their hearts cleared of resistance and filled with Quantum Light. Once this happens, a better connection with the third eye is often experienced, and the Soul (Higher Self) will request codes to be activated within the body. As ‘Keeper of the Codes’, Nancy then channels what is required through Light Language. During the session, you will receive ONLY what is for YOUR Highest Good and nothing more to unlock the KNOWINGNESS of who you are and what you are here to do.

Reiki with Devi Spring – Investment: $100 for an hour – Available by appointment only.

Working in the same way as other meridian therapies such as acupuncture and shiatsu, the gentle and non-invasive Reiki treatment flow allows the body to deeply relax and facilitates healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Clients experience profound states of relaxation that often last for several days, or even weeks, after a session. Some report spontaneously dropping into deep meditation and receiving various spiritual insights and wisdom.

Sound Healing Chakra Balance with Devi Spring – Investment: $110 for an hour – Available by appointment only.

A unique experience that focuses on bringing the seven chakras and auric body back into harmony and alignment through the use of tuning forks and Reiki.

Sound has been referred to as the “medicine of the future” by many pioneering medical and intuitive practitioners the world over. Various frequencies of sound have been shown to lower or raise blood pressure, activate the parasympathetic or sympathetic nervous systems, entrain brain waves to various states of consciousness and even eradicate certain harmful microbes and growths.

Using sonic vibrations applied directly to the body and aura with precisely crafted tuning forks, stagnant energy is cleared and energy bodies are balanced. Usui Reiki is channeled before and after the sound application to flush and replenish the spiritual and physical bodies. Intuitive vocal toning may also be utilized.

*Please note: Energy practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe medicines, nor interfere with treatment by licensed medical professionals. Treatments are not a substitute for medical or psychological care.


Psychic Reading, with Sally Diane (Saturdays & Tuesdays) – Investment: $80 for an hour, or $45 for 20 minutes
– Available by appointment only.

Gifted clairvoyant Sally Diane uses a variety of methods, including Tarot, runes, crystals, palmistry and psychometry, to deliver detailed and highly accurate information to her clients about their lives.

Spiritual Consult, with Intuitive Reader Devi Spring (Thursdays) – Investment: $25/15 mins., $50/30 mins., $75/45 mins. or $100/hr.
– Available by appointment only.

Devi Spring is a talented intuitive reader who has been practicing folk magic since 1997. Her practice is derived mainly from traditions of the Americas and includes hoodoo, conjure and rootwork, as well as folk Catholicism of Mexico.

Readings with her are friendly and grounding, with a modest number of Tarot cards being thrown to address the primary trends and influences surrounding each question.

Personal Shopping
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