Remembering Your Why

Overwhelm and apathy… That is the mood of the day. After weeks of being in overdrive, I have lost my will to get off the couch. And given that we are in the last hours of this moon cycle, with the dark moon about to enter into Taurus, perhaps a certain amount of rest and rejuvenation are exactly what’s called for. But I think it’s more than that. And I’m certain I’m not alone in feeling this way.

Like many small business owners, I have been scrambling in all sorts of creative ways since the beginning of this crisis, to try and save my livelihood. Deemed “non-essential”, my little shop which is also very seasonal and tourist-dependent, is an unlikely candidate to survive in its current state within this environment. So, I am adapting – and it’s changing.

Emerald Muse is now fully online – with both products and services. And I have plans to continue expanding my offerings. So, what began as heartfelt disappointment has now become the most exciting opportunity for growth. 

But now I’m tired… and anticipating the next wave of efforts that will be required to move things along to their next level. Being an entrepreneur is amazing – and terrifying – and such an incredibly personal journey, which is of course, why we do what we do. The freedom and excitement of it outweighs the risks. 

And now that I’ve written this, I can feel my inner flame once again igniting within me, fanned by the remembrance of “why”. So, while the “how” might be better left for another day, at least I know I am still in pursuit of something I passionately believe to be worthwhile – and that is everything!

Artwork:  “She likes the night” by Christian Schloe.