It’s a Magickal World

Magick is everywhere… you just have to pay attention to experience it. And the more you are aware of it, the more experiences you will have. You may think it’s some mysterious force that only a select few are privileged enough to sense, but I promise you, this is not the case. While it is true there are those of us who a more naturally tapped in, with a little practice, you will be too. In fact, I would bet you are already more magickally attuned than you think.

Coincidence or synchronicity?

Have you noticed that what you focus on, you seem to attract into your life? Whether these are good things or bad, please know that the Universe does not judge or distinguish energy – it simply brings you what you are “asking” for. This is the law of attraction – and it is very real. You might see this play out when you are thinking about a specific person and then as if out of nowhere, they contact you or bump into you someplace seemingly random. Or perhaps when there is something big or important that you want to purchase, you begin seeing examples or references to it all over the place. The more emotionally invested you are in something, the more synchronicities you will encounter.

A recent example of this from my own life is when I thought about adopting a cat. A few things happened that pointed me in the direction of the little fellow I ended up bringing home: First, I saw his adorable picture on social media and mentioned it to a friend – who just happened to know the lady who was fostering him! A week later, still thinking about him but not convinced I needed another little being to look after, I decided to send a message about making a visit; what could it hurt, and I thought I could always cancel later if I changed my mind. But then, moments after I’d hit send, I walked out of my store and ran into the cat’s foster mother who had just been in to see our mutual friend – a woman I have never met before. We arranged the meeting then and there, and two days later, I became a cat mom! Even more interesting is that someone who had previously seen him and expressed interest in taking him, neglected to call and confirm until 10 minutes after I had committed myself. Could these have all been coincidences? I don’t think so.

Do you feel it?

If you have ever walked into a room and immediately felt uncomfortable, that is your empathic barometer telling you that the energies in the space are not good for you. You might physically feel the hair on the back of your neck rising, or it could be more subtle, where you just sense that the air is somehow “thicker” or even electric. Whether that means something potentially harmful could happen if you stay or that you are just encountering people or entities that are vibrationally out of sync with you, it’s difficult to say. But either way, that should probably be your cue not to hang around too long.

How do you know?

It’s also possible to just know something – without ever being told. You are driving to work and you think it would be better to take a different route one day, for no apparent reason. Then later you discover that by doing so you missed a huge accident that would have made you very late. Or perhaps you have a real knack for “guessing” the sex your friends’ soon-to-be-born babies. This is claircognizance. When there is no way that you could possible know something – and yet you do.

Can you sense it?

Smelling familiar scents in unusual places that you may associate with a departed loved one; or seeing someone out of the corner of your eye who vanishes when you turn to look directly upon them; or hearing a disembodied voice… all of these are examples of how those on the Other Side might make themselves known to us. It’s not your imagination or your mind playing tricks on you, so please don’t dismiss these types of experiences as meaningless. It could be a friend sending you a message that they are still there for you; or it might be a warning to pay attention to something important going on in your life.

The Universe is conspiring with all of us to bring about experiences that will help us learn and grow. And when we keep ourselves open to different possibilities, allowing room in our lives for magickal energies to exist and interact with us, the world becomes a brighter, richer place.