Interesting Times

We live in interesting times, no doubt. And whether or not we see our current reality as a blessing or a curse is really up to each one of us. For me, as a child born of refugee parents, pretty much anything that does not amount to fleeing the violence and uncertainty of a war-torn state is still alright. Would I choose to undergo transformation through pandemic? Certainly not consciously. But now that we are here, we all have a responsibility to choose: is this a time to merely focus on personal survival or is it a time to rise up and look for more?

We are learning so much now about the fragility of our interconnected world – but also, of its strengths. I find it amazing to see how so many are coming together in hope and compassion and solidarity. We have found our heroes in the selfless hospital staff who knowingly risk it all to help those in need. In all of the brave workers who are essential to keeping our infrastructures going, regardless of what is happening around them. And also, in the strangers who while stuck in their homes still manage to find inventive ways to reach out and bring joy to others. As we are witnessing such greatness across the globe, the rest of us too get to decide, through our actions, whether or not we can be counted among the greats.

But that’s not all: We also have opportunity to re-imagine how our lives might look on the other side of this. Through loss, there is growth – and movement. So where do you want to go? What do you want to do? How do you want to see yourself thriving through the rest of this decade? It’s time for all of us to get creative and begin thinking beyond this life as we knew it. Imagine now, living a truly blessed life, inspired by your heart.