Making Magick


We are all magick and through us, magickal manifestation energy flows – whether we are aware of it or not. The difference between actively creating experiences and a life you do want, versus experiencing less-than-ideal situations that seem to just happen, is awareness and intent.

In order to direct the power of your own energy, you must first be aware of it. Nothing happens without initially being thought of – and the quality of your thoughts do matter. If you focus primarily on negative things, those are the kinds of feelings and experiences you will draw. But if instead you can train your mind to be more open and accepting and gracious, your life will become happier and more fulfilling. We are in control of the direction our lives take. Events may happen that are out of our hands but how we react and deal with those situations definitely affects the quality of our world.

While our thoughts play a huge role in shaping our lives, it doesn’t end there – because intentions take thoughts to the next level. It’s the power of your intent that creates change. Taken one step further, when we align our intentions with natural materials of like energy, we are now consciously using magick to shift and shape our wishes. Through meditation, prayer, and ritual we project dreams into reality. And crystals, plants, oils, incense and candles are the wonderful allies we can enlist to assist us.